Our Therapy Centre!

At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre, we have an array of beautiful, furnished rooms to choose from! 

Rooms may be used for in-person sessions, office space, meeting spaces, or for private online client sessions.

Offices located at: 

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre 

1562 & 1562 A Bloor St. West 

Toronto ON, M6P 1A4 

*Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc.

Therapy office/room rentals for independent practitioners - EMAIL for more info - michelle@acornandanchor.com

Minimum rental 1 block of time per week,(4 hours) paid monthly to the Centre.

Contracts are 6-12 months as discussed with the Centre. Additional hourly rates are available to therapists with a contract for one or more blocks.

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapy room1

Large room (Family/Front) Approx. 18x12 sq feet.  

Set up for family sessions with 3 seater couch, 2 chairs, table, and dining chairs. There are 2 large windows in room for airflow and fan in window. 

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapy room2

Medium room (Lavender): Approx. 13x15 sq feet.  

Set up for up to 2 clients and one therapist. Furnished with 2 chairs, 3 seater couch, small desk, and office chair. Air purifier and window in room.

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapy room3

Small room (Yellow): Approx. 11x11 sq feet.  

Set up for both online sessions (large monitor in room, ethernet cable) and in-person sessions for 1:1 client work. Furnished with 2 armchairs, desk, and office chair. Large window and ceiling fan in room. 

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapy roomPLAY

Play/Art room: paid as a “Large room” and only available during specific hours – must be discussed on an as needed basis.

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapy roomART

Please contact the Centre at:  michelle@acornandanchor.com

*Rentals provided by Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc.


All room rentals include the following: 

Internet (wifi), all utilities, bathroom and kitchen supplies (basic), cleaning supplies 

Parking (1 space IF/when available & negotiated)  

Personal storage area for your supplies (please provide your own bin). 

Invitation to participate in group/peer training or activities as applicable/available.   

Option to join peer supervision/consultation for an agreed upon service fee as negotiated in agreement.   

Option to provide your profile on our website as a private therapist working within the Centre.


There is a full kitchen with seating if you require some extra time to complete notes and rooms are not available. When weather permits, we will have a back patio/deck available for extra seating and space to relax. 

ALL Covid recommendations are strictly followed as per our covid policy. We exceed the government recommendations for disinfecting, social distancing and air flow/purification in our centre.