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Michelle L. Guy, MSW, RSW, CYCP, IFS Therapist (L1)

Michelle works with  individual adults, children & youth, and their families

IN-person sessions, ages 5+

Approx. 6+month waitlist.


Michelle provides clinical support, consultation, and supervision to all therapists on the Acorn & Anchor Team.

My Background:

As a relational, attachment-focused, IFS therapist, my current work is primarily focused towards those who present with qualities of GTIm, including C-PTSD (see "About Us" page).

Professionally, I have over 30 years experience working with children, youth, families, and adults in a variety of settings. My post-secondary education includes not only formal education, but extensive self-directed learning, a research internship, and professional training in the areas of Giftedness, ADHD, ASD1, infant and child development, adverse childhood experiences, and complex PTSD.

I am a trained IFS Therapist with a foundation in relational CYC, social work and  extensive research in Neuropsychology.

In practice, I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, methodologies, and  interventions to meet my clients needs at their individual developmental level, which includes being neuro-affirming, and where they are comfortable in their own therapy process. 


For the last 10 years or so, I have worked on developing my practice and creating effective tools and approaches to work with the clients I serve. This includes my own Brain Animals Concept and the Acorn & Anchor Model of Practice.

In adult sessions, I aim to help by guiding clients to understand themselves and the parts of their internal system including biology, attachment relationships, legacy burdens, and the environment/social factors that have impacted them through life. Together, we can work to support a healthy body and mind, healing the system for lifelong positive growth.


With young people, I help to support an enhanced understanding of the same by focusing on their needs first, which typically include enhancing self-worth & self-esteem, finding and maintaining healthier peer and family relationships, managing trauma responses (anxiety, depression, and others) and practicing self-compassion. Most often, when these areas are understood and improved, positive changes in behaviour, mood, motivation, and other areas come along with it!  

The therapy process is not a "quick fix", "one size fits all" or textbook approach. It involves building trust and alliance, supporting self energy and enhancing connections. Typically my clients are seen on a longer term basis and they are always welcome to return at times in life when challenges pop up. I highly value the relationship as a therapeutic tool and authentic process is most important. 

I am a professional member of OASW, CASW, OCSWSSW, SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted), and ABC Ontario (Association of Bright Children).


I also provide workshops, training, & consultation to support outside agencies, schools, and health organization staff and leaders.

I have over 25 years experience creating content, public speaking, and providing conference presentations for a wide variety of professionals including the RCMP, Ontario Midwives, Child Welfare, and Health Care professionals. I have also been a part time professor at George Brown and Humber College, and Chair of a women and children's community health advisory committee at a major Toronto hospital.

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