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GTIm - Gifted Brain: Revealed

The Gifted Brain Revealed Unraveling the Neuroscience of the Bright Experience

By Nicole A. Tetreault, PhD 

A literature review on studies about the neuroanatomy of the Gifted Brain

Risks of High Intellegence

High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities

Ruth I.KarpinskiaAudrey M.Kinase KolbabNicole A.TetreaultcThomas B.Borowskid

Counselling the GTIm - Gifted

Optimizing favorable outcomes when counseling the gifted: A best practices approach

Steven I Pfeiffer

Other Recommended Reading: By Topic

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Identity and GTIm - Gifted

The "Me" Behind the Mask: Intellectually Gifted Students and the Search for Identity

By Miraca U.M. Gross.

Trauma & GTIm - Gifted

The Trauma of the Gifted Child Cynthia S. Mallatt-Grow : A Dissertation for the Faculty of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

April 14, 2019

"the emotional needs and characteristics of those who are considered gifted, especially gifted children, have received little focus, which is much deserved to more fully understand this population" 

The "Burdens of GTIm - Giftedness

There’s No One Way to Be Gifted

By Aurora Holtzman

"Whether giftedness itself is a burden depends entirely on whether you have experienced true understanding from others." (A. Holtzman)

Allergies and GTIm -  Gifted

Allergic tendencies are associated with larger gray matter volumes

H. TakeuchiY. Taki,, R. Kawashima +16 authors 

Published 27 February 2018

An academic research paper on the association with gifted individuals and allergies. 

The Pain of GTIm -  Giftedness

The Problem of Pain

by Stephanie S. Tolan

The pain of being a highly gifted person. Includes a "mini toolkit" for those who love gifted people.

Helping Academic Success: An Academic Study

Neuroanatomical differences in the memory systems of intellectual giftedness and typical development

Taylor Kuhn,Robin et al.

First published: 14 October 2021

"These different neurodevelopmental trajectories suggest different learning strategies."