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For Bright and Intense Kids and Teens

 We serve Families, Adults, and Couples Too!


“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being.”

Daniel J. Siegel, Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

DURING CO-VID we continue to offer in-person and online sessions as long as we are able to. Safety precautions are in place including: sanitized toys, sanitized seating and rooms (between sessions), masks if required, socially distant therapy rooms, and air purifiers in each session room. 

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Available Services

Our child and youth registered therapists use a relational approach, interpersonal neurobiology, skill building, and provide support for bright and intense kids and teens, who identify with; giftedness, 2e, ADHD, anxiety, depression, emotional existentialism and issues with self-identity and self-worth. 

We also provide individual adult counselling services, couples, and family therapy using in-person or online sessions. 

Our practitioners offer integrative approaches including IFS, CBT, DBT, Art, Play, and others.  

See our team bios for more information.

On request: Workshops, school support, groups, and private group sessions.

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A word about therapy:

Michelle L. Guy, CYC, MSW, RSW

Call for a free telephone consult: 647-478-7800



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Therapy can help clients to make brain and body connections for self-regulation, understand and adapt behaviours that might impact how they feel about themselves and the world around them, and reduce danger responses in the brain (fight, flight, freeze and fawn). Therapy can lead to processing and reframing early childhood experiences in the brain, so that clients can reduce triggers of anxiety, fear and danger messages. 

As Clinical Lead and Director of Acorn and Anchor, I work alongside personally vetted therapists, some who have trained under my supervision as private practitioners and who also practice using an integrative approach and other evidence-based methods. 

Our team also includes practicum interns under clinical supervision including  MSW students from FIFSW at University of Toronto.  Ask about reduced fees for supervised sessions with an intern. 


We've always provided both in-person and online video therapy. Online session options can be useful for busy families, those who may feel too anxious to attend at office appointments, and youth and families who do not reside in the Toronto area. 

We are located in a shared space with Stamen and Pistil Botanicals - a beautiful and relaxing space for some "nature therapy" too! - (Offices in the North side of the store, 1562 Bloor St.  West, Toronto, ON). 

Please contact us for more information about our services and therapists.

Meet Our Team

Michelle L. Guy


Clinical Lead, Child, Teen, and Adult Therapist, Business Owner,

Specializing in Gifted/2e, ADHD, & Anxiety

Japneet Kaur


Youth and Adult Therapist

Momo Ando

MSW Intern, Graduating 2021

Afreen Chowdhury


Adult, Couples, and Family Therapist

Coming Soon!

We have new therapists and interns joining us in 2021!

MSW Intern, Supervised by Michelle L. Guy

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