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Therapy and support for complex, intense minded, emotionally intense, gifted, talented, neurodiverse, & 2/3e people and their families (GTIm).

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre:

A group of clinicians who work with clients in many stages of life who share expertise and lived experience with the clients we serve.

For Information about the Centre Approaches, methodologies and important facts:

COVID Safety:

During COVID, we continue to offer in-person and online sessions as long as we are able to. Safety precautions are in place including: sanitized toys, sanitized seating and rooms (between sessions), masks if required, socially distant therapy rooms, and air purifiers in each session room. 

Nature Tokens

Acorn & Anchor

Mental Health Services Inc. 

For Professionals

As a small business corporation, AAMHS Inc. is a hub for professionals to connect, consult, and practice with a supportive group of clinicians.


AAMHS Inc. offers business and professional services to an exemplary group of clinicians, those using rental space at the Centre, and to outside professionals.

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