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Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre

"Helping complex people with life's complex challenges"

Neurodiversity affirming therapy & services for those identifying as Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded (GTIm), and those self-identified or diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, mental health issues,  or complex-trauma (CPTSD). Services  provided for children, youth, adults, couples, and families.

Offering in-person Psychotherapy and support service in Toronto  
Online Psychotherapy services across Ontario, Canada


At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre, we meet our clients where they are at to support them in the moment using relational, evidence-informed approaches to help enhance self-leadership in the long-term. 

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Our Services: for clients and for professionals

Young child with intrusive thoughts circling around head
Young lgbtqia+ youth with makeup and headband
a worried person with too many cyclic intrusive thoughts
a meeting with therapists
Client Services:

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre provides in-person therapy in Toronto, ON & online sessions, Ontario wide.

We specialize in working with people of all ages who identify (or have been identified by professionals) as Neurodivergent (Gifted, ADHD, ASD1), having adverse childhood experiences, CPTSD, mental health symptoms, and who may be overwhelmed by day to day life experiences. 

All of our professionally registered therapists are experienced, Master's level Social Workers  and Psychotherapists who provide individual, Dyad (couples or parent/child) and Family psychotherapy to clients in our comfortable & safe for all space.

We use individually focused, integrative approaches to address a variety of interpersonal issues, mental health symptoms, and trauma processing issues. 

We understand and support clients using neurodiversity affirming modalities to address challenges that often result from feeling misunderstood, unaccepted, or being misdiagnosed throughout life.

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For more information on our unique services & to access services, please email us at

1562 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON &

Services for Professionals

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Resources & Blog

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"Welcome to Yourself"

At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapists  & support team use relational, trauma-focused, integrative, and evidence-informed approaches within our practice.  

By integrating evidence-based methods and approaches we support each unique human to meet their own individual needs in an inclusive space.

Therapists provide weekly sessions without limiting the number of sessions rather than  short-term band-aid solutions or targeting one "behaviour" at a time.  We use a relational approach and deeper therapy work to support neuroplasticity, positive self-identity, and  relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, resulting in changes in behavioural responses and long-term wellness.

We also utilize a unique *Brain Animals model, designed by our founder over the last 30+ years of education, research and clinical experience. This model is designed to help all clients, at any age, and their families understand brain and body responses to sensory reminders of adverse childhood experiences,  and trauma experiences and share a universal language to support self-regulation and the regulation of big emotions.

*Brain Animals, created by our founder, Michelle L. Guy

The Brain Animals  model also supports the understanding of  being neurodivergent and the complexities  what it means to be identified as Gifted, 2e, ADHD, ASD1, or as someone who is struggling with symptoms of the trauma of asynchronous development, existentialism at an early age,  heightened sensitivity, feeling misunderstood, having seen multiple professionals who have never been "the right fit" and/or the misdiagnosis experienced through life.

raven looking at self understanding thoughts

Image used with permission from artist: Lora Zombie:

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