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Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre

"Helping complex people with life's complex challenges"

Therapy and Support Services for GTIm (Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded), neurodivergent, those self-identified, or diagnosed with complex-trauma/mental health. Services for: children, youth, adults, and their families*.

Offering in-person Psychotherapy and support service in Toronto  
Online Psychotherapy services across Ontario, Canada


*At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre, our team of MSW/RSW, Psychotherapists welcome people who struggle with day-to-day challenges, and those with more complex needs as well. Therapistsmeet our clients where they are at to support them in the moment using relational, evidence-informed approaches to help enhance self-leadership in the long-term. 

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Fall 2023 P.A. Day "Camp" for kids! 
Toronto, ON

"Welcome to Yourself"

At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre therapists and our support team use relational, trauma-focused, integrative, and evidence-informed approaches within our practice. 

By integrating evidence-based methods and approaches such as IFS, DBT, PACE, CBT, Art and Play therapy, and others, we support each unique individual to meet their diverse needs in an inclusive space.

We use a unique *Brain Animals concept, to make aspects of neurobiology/neuroscience,  polyvagal theory, and  Internal Family Systems theory, including the concepts of "self", accessible to all people, from early childhood to later in life.

*Brain Animals, created by our founder, Michelle L. Guy


Image used with permission from artist: Lora Zombie:


Client Services

At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre our therapists and support team provide individual, dyad, and family sessions. We also provide parent and young people with workshops, support/peer groups, wellness groups, and creative workshops, 

Services for Professionals:

Nature Tokens


Services for Health and Mental Health Professionals
Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc. provides workspace and services to other mental health professionals. 
We also provide professional consultation, workshops, and resources to the community and to outside professional groups.
Contact us to find out about small group supervision offered in Fall 2023!
Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre is identified, recognized, and endorsed on an international level, by experienced clinical and medical professionals, higher educational facilities, Diversity and Inclusion specialists, and most importantly, the self-identified community that we serve.

*Business and Professional services and rentals provided by

Acorn & Anchor

Mental Health Services Inc.

**Clinical services provided by individual practitioners working at the Centre. 

Our Welcoming Space for  those of all ages and stages!
Located in a shared space with a beautiful botanical store owned by our Client Service Coordinator/ Office Manager.
IMG_0741 (1)_edited.jpg

"For nature therapy all year round."

Stamen & Pistil Botanicals at 1562 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON. 

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