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Professional Services:

Work With Us! 
Become a Member of our professional therapists collective in a team based atmosphere:
How: As a member of Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc. (AAMHS) and Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre you would provide services to clients who are referred to our Centre, a busy shared space/centre, at  1562 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario. We are a well-established, reputable, thriving, team-focused practice. We share our experiences, consult with each other and as a group, and use peer-supervision, as well as options for formal one-on-one Clinical Supervision by the Director of the Centre*.   
Who: MSW/RSW/Psychotherapists with experience working with children and youth. Those with foundational knowledge of relational, trauma-informed, and integrative approaches. Those who have work or lived experience with what we call GTIm - Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded - individuals (Gifted, ADHD, ASD1, trauma survivors and others).
AAMHS provides professional services to you including:
  • Ongoing referrals for clients at the Centre with an established client referral service
  • An experienced health administrator/ client service manager /Intake co-ordinator
  • Cleaning and maintenance provided
  • Furnished, tastefully decorated therapy rooms and office spaces
  • Waiting areas for clients
  • Established advertising and outreach service
  • Client administration platform, service forms, and other business services
  • Payment processing via Stripe etransfer, or cash 
  • Monthly direct deposit to you 
  • Measurement tools, online platform and messaging service for clients to therapist
  • Other services as discussed and outlined in your contract
  • Clinical Supervision and/or mentoring as outlined below*
  • Free training opportunities and access to our unique "Acorn & Anchor Approach" (use of neurobiology, polyvagal systems, IFS, and relational, trauma-focused care).*
Therapist session income between $75 - $125 per session, based on a fee split for members (depending on experience and mentoring needs). 
*Mentoring, and clinical supervision options provided at the Centre with our Founder and Director/ Independent Provider (Michelle Guy).
Email: with a resume and cover letter to ask about joining our professional collective.
Contractors are not employees of the Centre or AAMHS, you would be responsible for your own schedule (based on client needs and available rooms), registering body requirements, CRA reporting, taxes, and other government payments etc. as a private practitioner.
Share our Space!
Rent a therapy room or office space: 
The Centre also provides Room/Facility Rentals for Private Practice therapists who are looking for a beautiful space in which to see your own clients (online, or in-person).
Rent a workshop/group space:
We also have a workshop/group space for those interested in running workshops in the Centre (preference to those who also rent an office/therapy space). 
Professional Consultations, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Training and More
For professionals looking for clinical supervision, group training and team workshops please click below:
*Member Services Provided By: Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc.
**Clinical Supervision provided by Michelle L. Guy at Acorn and Anchor Therapy Centre
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