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Client Services:

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre provides in-person and online psychotherapy and comprehensive therapeutic services to individual adults, children, teens, families, and couples. We see people with complex minds, who think intense thoughts. Our clients experience symptoms of executive dysfunction, intense emotional responses, existential thinking, mental health issues, C-PTSD, and others.

Our team includes a group of experienced registered therapists who, under our clinical leader & practice founder's guidance, provide psychotherapy, counselling, and other client services, in a comfortable, safe for all, space.

Referrals for services, please email us at:

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Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded

Of all ages

Our Team members have experience and training in the complexities of being identified/self-identifying as neurodivergent or "exceptional" (gifted, ADHD, ASD). 


Our therapists understand the challenges of existential thinking, heightened alert systems, and cyclic, intense thinking patterns that are difficult to express.

We provide neurodiversity affirming approaches. 

Click below for more information about individual qualities of GTIm. 

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Individual Children ages 5-12

Some therapists at the Centre work with young children in individual and/or parent/child sessions using play, art, and creative expression in a child focused space.


As with our older clients, we highly value relationship and trust with the children we see and your therapist will discuss confidentiality policies and best practice for younger children in the intake process and on an ongoing basis to provide the best care to your child and family.  Check our team profiles o see who works with younger children at the Centre. 

Our Team
Psychotherapy Session

For young people ages 12-20's:

Individual therapy 

Most of our therapists have expertise in working with youth and young adults.

Our online referral and matching process will help to guide you individually, or as a parent or caregiver to find the right fit.

Ultimately, our unique, integrative approach to working with young people allows for agency and self-advocacy for youth, helps the therapist and youth to connect and build trust (a key factor in success of any therapeutic methodology), and supports long-term growth and the ongoing development of healthy adults. 

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For Couples, Parents/Caregivers, & Family Groups: Therapy & Support

Couples, Parent, and/or family sessions are available as recommended by your therapist., and after the initial intake and assessment process.


We also have parent and family workshops (for up to 16 participants) and family workshops (for 3-4 families in our workshop space) 


Peer Groups & Parent Workshops

Peer groups create connections and build friendship. We offer a variety of groups for adults, parents, youth and teens. We also welcome independent groups to contact us to discuss use of our space!

Parent workshops are developed and facilitated by the team and incorporate up-to-date, evidence informed research and knowledge of brain and body connection.  

If you are interested in suggesting a group, workshop topic, OR if you would like us to provide a specific workshop for your own social group, parent association, or for a professional team, please email the Centre

Psychological Assessments:

For info about Psychological testing including Educational Assessments, Gifted, ADHD, ASD, and Mental Health

 please email:

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