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Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre provides in-person Toronto-based therapy, and online Ontario wide comprehensive therapeutic services to children, teens, adults and families.

All of our therapists are experienced, registered, Master's level Social Workers who provide psychotherapy to clients in a comfortable space using individually focused, integrative approaches to address a variety of interpersonal issues, mental health symptoms, and trauma processing issues. See "Our Team" page for a list of therapists and their profile links for more information. 

For more information on our unique services, see below.

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GTIm: Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded, 2e (and their families)

Our clinicians all specialize in working with clients who fit the profile of GTIm: gifted, talented, Intense-minded or 2e individuals. Clinicians have training, research experience, and lived experience as parents and/or individuals who understand the challenges of existential thinking at a young age, heightened alert systems, and cyclic, intense thinking patterns that are difficult to express.  

See quiz for more information about qualities of what we refer to a GTIm. 

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Please see our team page and individual therapist profiles see photos of, and to learn more about their personal areas of interest, experience, and practice expertise.  For fee information click below.

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For Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults: Individual Psychotherapy for those living with their family of origin ( in parents/caregivers home)

Our therapists all share expertise in working with youth and young adults aged 12 and up and their parents. Our email referral and matching process will help to guide you as a parent or caregiver, through this process.


Once you have been matched with a therapist, our intake process for youth may vary, according to age and identified needs. These may include:

  • An initial session/meeting with parents or caregivers (particularly for those living with their parent/caregiver) to help understand family and/or parenting dynamics and parent perspectives of the therapeutic process

  • An individual meeting with the youth to help us understand their personal identity, perspectives of therapy and the process, and their own identified areas that they wish for support in.

  • Intakes may be done in one shared session or over several sessions depending on the needs of the family.

  • We also encourage a review of previous assessments or reports to understand varying perspectives, experiences, and to help understand the current profile of the young person and the family..

  • Typically, when a young person is attending for individual sessions, we recommend that they work together with their own, individual therapist on personal growth. If Parent or family sessions are agreed on, it may be with a different therapist

Ultimately, our unique, integrative approach to working with young people allows for agency and self-advocacy for youth, helps the therapist and youth to connect and build trust (a key factor in success of any therapeutic methodology), and supports long-term growth and the ongoing development of healthy adults. 

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For Younger Children:  (5-10), individual or parent & child sessions

Some therapists at the Centre work with young children in individual and/or parent/child sessions using play, art, and creative expression in a child focused space. As with our older clients, we highly value relationship and trust with the children we see and your therapist will discuss confidentiality policies and best practice for younger children in the intake process and on an ongoing basis to provide the best care to your child and family.  You may click the links below to see who works with younger children at the Centre. 

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For Parents/Caregivers, & Groups: Coaching, and Support, Workshops, and Peer groups (and for professional groups).

As noted in the Teen/Young Adult section, parent coaching sessions and parent/child/youth, and family sessions are available as recommended by your therapist., and after the initial intake and assessment process.


Parent workshops and groups are developed and facilitated by the team and incorporate up-to-date, evidence informed research and knowledge of the subject matter. Your therapist will inform you/invite you to attend as they are available.


If you are interested in suggesting a topic, OR if you would like us to provide a specific workshop for your own social group, parent association, or for a professional team, please email the Centre 

Parent, peer, and professional workshop and group information will be added to the website as available or you can contact: