Client Services

Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre provides in-person Toronto-based therapy, and online Ontario wide comprehensive therapeutic services to children, teens, adults and families.

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GTIm: Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded, 2e (and their families)

Clinicians who specialize in working with clients who fit the profile of GTIm: gifted, talented, Intense-minded or 2e individuals. Clinicians with training, research experience and lived experience as parents & individuals, and who understand the challenges of existential thinking at a young age, heightened alert systems, and cyclic, intense thinking patterns that are difficult to express.   See quiz for more information. 

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Individual Psychotherapy teens and young adults, (and families)

Therapist provide psychotherapy in a comfortable, youth and adult focused space using individually focused, integrative approaches to address a variety of interpersonal issues, mental health symptoms, and trauma processing issues. 


Younger children (5-12) individual and family

Therapists at the Centre work with young children in individual sessions using play, art, and creative expression. They also work with child-parent dyad or family based sessions in a child focused space. 

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Parent Workshops and Support

Workshops coming soon.


Parent coaching sessions and Parent/child/youth sessions available as recommended by your therapist.