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For Parents:

Join us for a small group workshop to learn about the brain and how to support your child/youth (and yourself!) through stressful moments. We will provide education about neurotypical and neurodivergent brain development, calming anxious minds and supporting self-regulation. 

You will learn all of this, AND how to build and care for a beautiful terrarium!

Your personal creation will contain all of the elements of the brain as a self-regulation cue, using Brain Animals: an easy to use brain model to remember what you learned!

Sign up by May 5, 2023 - Limited spaces available

(max. 16 participants)

Register at

Fee for this service/workshop is $225.00 per person. includes therapeutic workshop and terrarium supplies, over $400.00 value! Fee may be offered on a sliding scale to those with financial barriers (limited number available). Minimum 1 MSW/RSW leader and 1 Terrarium specialist per group.

Payment due on registration. Cancellation policy applies.

*Your health benefits may cover a portion of the fee for this mental health/preventative care workshop, check with your provider regarding MSW/RSW Services. 

For Kids:


Summer Day Program

July 17-21

MSW/RSW Co-Facilitator

Email for more details!


Sign-up by May 12 for Early Bird Fee! 

Register at

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