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Michelle L. Guy

MSW, RSW, CYCP, Individual Child, Youth, Adult Therapist, (Parent and child sessions offered as part of individual work on request).


Michelle only offers IN-person sessions at this time. 12 month min. waitlist. Michelle provides clinical support, consultation, and supervision to all therapists on the Acorn & Anchor Team.

My Background:

As a private therapist working with those aged 6 to adults, my current work is primarily focused towards those who present with qualities of GTIm (see "About Us" page).

Professionally, I have 30 years experience working with children, youth, families, and adults in a variety of settings. My post-secondary education includes not only formal education, but extensive self-directed learning, a research internship, and professional training in the areas of Giftedness, ADHD, ASD1, Infant and Child Development, Adverse childhood experiences and the long term health and mental health impact, trauma response systems, polyvagal theory, neurobiology, a variety of therapeutic approaches, methodologies, and  interventions, and extensive research in Neuropsychology.


As a practitioner who values lifelong learning, I have completed formal education over the course of my professional life.  In the early 1990's. I received a 3 year college diploma in Child and Youth Care. I worked for 10 years in child and adolescent mental health practice within treatment centres/schools and hospital settings and in 2002, I completed an Hon. B.A. Degree in Child and Youth Care Practice with a 'minor" in Social Work.

Over the next 15 years, until 2019, I worked in Child Welfare and as a specialized worker in Maternal/infant/early childhood mental health, and wellness. In this time, I also co-parented two, 2e children, completed a Master's Degree at University of Toronto in Social Work, developed the Brain Animals Concept, the Acorn & Anchor Model of Practice, and spent 13 months "worldschooling", by traveling to 32 countries, learning and educating my 2e children.

In September 2019, I began to build Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre (for clients), and create Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc., (for helping professionals, and for funding accessible services to our clients). 


As a therapist at Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre, I continue to work with children, youth, and families using a CYC based relational approach along with an integrative approach using a variety of client centered, trauma focused practice models.  In addition to those described above, I implement interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-focused, humanistic, CBT, DBT, ACT, Internal Family Systems, mind & body work,  art & play-based approaches, and others.

In adult sessions, I aim to help by guiding clients to understand themselves and the impacts of biology, relationship/attachment principles, and environment/social factors on their current wellbeing. Together, we can work to support a healthy body and mind by changing the brain, understanding the mind, and building new neural pathways to feel better, and enhance their inherent capability to face and manage challenges throughout life.


With young people, I help to support an enhanced understanding of the same by focusing on their needs first, which typically include enhancing self-worth & self-esteem, finding and maintaining healthier peer and family relationships, managing trauma responses (anxiety, depression, and others) and practicing self-compassion. Most often, when these areas are understood and improved, positive changes in behaviour, mood, motivation, and other areas come along with it!  

I am a professional member of OASW, CASW, OCSWSSW, SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted), and ABC Ontario (Association of Bright Children).


I also provide workshops, training, & consultation to support outside agencies, schools, and health organization staff and leaders. I have over 25 years of creating content, public speaking, and providing conference presentations for a wide variety of professionals including the RCMP, Ontario Midwives, Child Welfare, and Health Care professionals. I have also been a part time professor at George Brown and Humber College, and chair of a women and children's community health advisory committee, and an executive member of working groups for young people and their families.


Ask about reduced fees for clinically supervised sessions with an intern at Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre!

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