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Michelle L. Guy

MSW, RSW, CYCP, Individual Child, Youth, Adult Therapist, Parent and child sessions offered as part of individual work on request.

Specialization: GTIm (Gifted, talented, Intense minded individuals), trauma processing. Michelle only offers IN-person sessions at this time. 3-6 month min. waitlist. 

My Background:

As a private therapist, specializing in work with those aged 6 to adults. My work is primarily with those who present with qualities of GTIm, 2e, intense emotional responses, early existential thoughts or rumination and, ADHD. I also work with those with anxiety, depression, issues with self-identity and feelings of low self-worth as well as teens and adults who have had childhood trauma experiences, those identified in ACE studies, and others (see readings on our Blog and recommended articles/books page on the "Trauma of Gifted", ACE's Too High" and others).

For nearly 30 years, I have worked with children, youth, and families using relational, client-centered, integrative approaches. I provide counselling and therapy through integrating evidence-based methods. Some methods include: interpersonal neurobiology, re-processing trauma, Internal (and understanding external) Family Systems,,  mind/body work, skill building activities, art & play-based approaches, CBT, and others.

In sessions, I aim to help people learn and practice new skills, and understand themselves and their individual safety/danger response systems better. Through our work together, we focus on person-focused goals (for children, teens, and adults) which typically include enhanced self-worth & self-esteem, healthy peer and family relationships, managing past trauma, and self-compassion. Most often, when these areas are understood and improved, positive changes in behaviour, mood, motivation, and other challenges come along with it!  See recommended PARENT readings to understand some of my parenting perspectives. 

I provide in-person therapy,  I am a member of OASW, CASW, OCSWSSW, SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted), and ABC Ontario (Association of Bright Children).

I also provide training, consultations and support to agency and organization staff and leaders, and have over 25 years of experience in public speaking and conference presentations for a wide variety of professionals including RCMP, Ontario Midwives, Child Welfare and Health professionals. I am a part time professor and Humber College, Child and Youth Care Program. I have also been a chair of community health advisory committees and executive member in working groups for young people and their families.


Ask about reduced fees for clinically supervised sessions with an intern at Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre!

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