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Professional Consultations, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Training and more...

Our Founder has extensive experience in, and provides professional training, consultation and support to outside organization leaders and staff. 

Along with an experienced co-facilitator, we provide training and workshops about a variety of topics, our unique, client-centred approach, and share our work and learning experiences with our identified population of GTIm. 

We also share up-to-date research information about developmental neuroscience, FMRI studies, neural diversity to a variety of client populations, groups, and in parent workshops.

Our group of therapists, and support service team have expertise in a variety of areas (noted in their profiles) and many provide workshops on topics such as parenting strategies, understanding your child's mind, prenatal/postnatal mental health and wellness, infant, early childhood neural development, the adolescent brain/ teen mental health, understanding and managing complex trauma, and others.

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your organization or agency for more information.

*Services Provided by Acorn & Anchor Mental Health Services Inc. 

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