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At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre we clinical therapists with a great breadth of expertise in a variety of areas.


Michelle L. Guy:

I provide training, consultations and support to agency and organization staff and leaders, and have extensive experience over the last 25 years, in public speaking and conference presentations for health, social services, child welfare, police services, and other helping professions.

I have expertise on topics such as Prenatal Care, Early Childhood Development, Early Mental Health and Child and Youth Mental Health as well as my practice focus of Giftedness/2e children, youth and adults and ADHD.

I have presented at National Conferences for the RCMP on Infants and children in high risk, substance using households, the Ontario Midwives Association on Working in collaboration with Child Welfare in prenatal and postnatal care, and smaller groups (20-60 participants) in webinars, workshops, and team meetings on Executive Functioning in Young Adults who have Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Giftedness and 2e, and Neurobiology in Children and Teens.


I have been a chair and executive member of community health advisory committees and working groups for young people and their families and have joined panels in discussions regarding a variety of Maternal and Infant Health topics.

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