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Acorn & Anchor: A Therapy Centre for Clients &
A Service Provider for Clinicians

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Missions & Values of Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre:


To work with clients in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable space using a shared, overarching, evidence-informed approach, individual expertise and life experience as a collaborative collective of Therapists. 


To provide services and supports for all people with diverse, complex, "intense" and unique minds. Speciality services in Giftedness, 2e, ADHD, ASD1, and C-PTSD (and the complex symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that come with them), people who have self-identified as GTI-m (Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded).

We are a team that believes in, and practices lifelong learning and we work together to ensure that our clinical knowledge and research is up to date and evidence-based, including the neuroscience behind GTI-m brain development and the developing mind. 


By 2025, to provide more options for lower cost services, groups, and workshops to the GTI-m community and their families. Our hope to that through accessing funding we will be able to create a space that is more accessible to those who have financial barriers and to children and youth who would benefit from a space where they can feel acceptance and connection with a group of like-minded peers. 

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