Acorn & Anchor: A Therapy Centre for Clients &
A Service Provider for Clinicians

From Above
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Missions & Values of Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre:


To work with clients in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable space where a variety of private practice, licensed, professionally accountable therapists offer services to clients based on their areas of expertise, and using a shared, overarching, evidence-informed approach as a collaborative collective.


The Centre is based on the foundations of multiple independent psychotherapists working together to create a space that is welcoming and safe for all people with diverse, complex, and unique minds.


Our approach is one based on the lifelong experience and professional foundations of the lead clinician and is a shared integration of our "team members" personal and professional experiences and education that has developed over the last several years. We participate in clinical consultation as a team, offer clinical supervision with senior clinicians, and include ongoing training, workshops and certification for the therapists at the Centre. We are also a team that believes and practices lifelong learning and we work together to ensure that our clinical knowledge and research is up to date and evidence-based.