At Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre, we provide in-person and online sessions with clinicians who have expertise in working with those seeking support for a variety of life issues, and for those who are struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma,  ADHD, and issues of self-regulation.  We have clinicians who specialize in work and research in the often misunderstood area of "giftedness" or as we call it: GTIm People (Gifted, Talented, Intense-minded).

Our group of therapists, counsellors and coaches practise using evidence-based modalities with a foundation in relational, trauma informed approaches that are client-focused, integrative, and grounded in best practice for individual client needs. Our fundamental therapeutic concepts at the Centre are based on interpersonal neurobiology, unconditional positive regard, skill building, CBT, DBT, IFS, play and art therapies, mindfulness, and other evidence-informed clinical practice methods. Each therapist comes with their own unique skills, world experience, and expertise that enhances their own private practice, and each works in our "team based" setting with regular peer consultation, support and clinical supervision.


We provide therapy, counselling, and coaching, in a beautiful, comfortable, and inclusive space. We see clients via in-person sessions or online sessions using a safe, secure, PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant platform (online sessions offered by most therapists).

The primary focus of the Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre is work with GTIm and the bright and intense, gifted/talented and 2e kids, teens, adults, and their families. Therapists also see clients based on their personal areas of expertise, shown in their individual profiles.


At the Centre, some therapists offer a sliding scale (when available).

We also offer, as available, sessions with Master of Social Work and Child and Youth Care Practitioner student interns who have experience and intensive training at the Centre, and who are fully supervised by a licensed, and experienced clinician. Interns also work on GTIm research and resource development, enhance our programs and services, and provide additional client connection through coaching and support.


Located in a shared space with Stamen and Pistil Botanicals - a beautiful and relaxing space for some "nature therapy" too! - (Offices in the North side, upper unit and lower space of the store.) 

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