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SJ Thiessen, MSW/RSW

MSW/RSW, Psychotherapist, SJ has been working with kids, teens, families and young adults ages 9+ and specializes in work with those identifying as LGBTQIA+. SJ is also a certified trauma specialist.


SJ is a trans/genderqueer and neurodivergent person with a specialization in working with those who have experiences of trauma. As a member of both queer and neurodivergent communities, SJ brings both personal and professional knowledge to his work. Sj is energetic, compassionate, and is able to work authentically with each unique individual he sees in practice.

Rather than utilizing strict formulaic or rigid approaches, SJ uses invitation, collaboration, and creativity to meet clients where they are at, and to facilitate connection, change, and meaning-making. He has training and work experience in a variety of modalities, including CBT, DBT, somatic healing and others, and is an IFS informed therapist.

SJ believes that working with individuals from a non-patholigical framework is best practice, seeing the strengths of each individual and supporting clients to understand themselves. He supports you to be self-led, and to  to deepen your relationships with yourself, and with others.

Using trauma-informed practices, empathy, and humour, he holds space for your experiences of distress, joy, and everything in between.

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I look forward to connecting with you, supporting your goals and helping you to live your preferred life.

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