Junie Baek
Psychotherapist, CRPO-Q, Music Therapist, MTA


Working with children, youths, and adults is dear to my heart. I specialize in music psychotherapy and verbal therapy for individuals with unique needs, such as ADHD, ASD, self-image, 2e, anxiety, depressive thoughts, stress, and self-regulation challenges. I am committed to providing a safe and genuine environment for my clients where they are actively heard. I also strongly believe in a music-centred psychotherapy framework - including interventions such as music-based mindfulness, songwriting, and improvisation, - creates immense opportunity for clients to grow, strengthen their resources, and begin their therapy process. While use of music can be central to my practice, I incorporate or solely use verbal modalities such as resource-oriented, CBT, psychodynamic, and mindfulness-based.  


I provide both virtual and in-person sessions. Please feel free to reach out to speak with me!