Kanwar Singh
Intern, M.S.W. 
Unavailable, Completing MSW 2022

I am a Master of Social Work student at the University of Toronto, with a focus in Mental Health. I am completing my practicum here at Acorn and Anchor Therapy Centre, under Michelle’s supervision. I work primarily with teenagers and young adults and am currently developing skills for working with younger children too.


In my practice, I use a relational approach including aspects of the Acorn & Anchor Model of practice. I take a constructivist and strengths-based approach, which means I encourage my clients to tell their stories in their own ways, and work with them towards reaching a balanced association with their thoughts and feelings. As a result, I aim to engage in work that is primarily client-centered, and our time together may include a blend of different modalities, such as mindfulness, cognitive or dialectical behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.


I also believe that our mental health is profoundly a product of our identity, relationships, and subsequent interaction with the world. Therefore, a therapeutic method that may be beneficial for some may not be effective for others. As a racialized practitioner, my approach to psychotherapy is grounded in principles of decolonial anti-oppression and social justice, and I understand that our mental health can never be isolated from our material realities.


I offer pro-bono/low cost online and in-person counselling and therapy options under Michelle’s supervision. I look forward to meeting you and getting to learn more about your story!

Kanwar Singh Acorn & Anchor Therapy Centre