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Understanding our "team approach" & Referral Process:


As noted, in our missions and values, the Centre is a space where like-minded therapists practice using a "team based" approach. This means that each independent therapist is guided by the core values and principals of Social Work and Psychotherapy approaches, and that all therapists are part of a team supervision group, and group consultation to support life-long learning and stay up to date on the most recent research. Together, we consult, enhance, and practice skills that support relational based, client-focused, integrative, and trauma-informed, approaches. Additionally, since the Centre is identified as a service that supports GTIm, ADHD, Neurodiversity, and "intense-minded" (highly sensitive, asynchronous development, gifted and existential thinkers), all therapists participate in clinical peer-supervision with the Practice Founder and Director, Michelle L. Guy who has dedicated 30 years to education, research, and clinical work with those fitting this unique client group. 



As part of our referral process, our intake coordinator will suggest you review the therapist profiles and will also suggest alternatives to longer waitlists if your chosen therapist is unavailable. We place high value on the need for "the right fit" of therapist and client, and because we have such an excellent team, if after meeting  each other, you, the client do not feel the "spark" of connection, we welcome you to speak to your therapist about next steps, or, connect with our intake coordinator to problem solve or match with a different therapist if needed, with no judgement of client or therapist. This is a fundamental policy at the Centre because our research (and outside, academic, evidence-based research) shows that connection and relationship are key indicators (in as many as 3/4 of client reports) towards a positive therapy experience and positive outcomes of therapy. 

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